XML Bubbles

XMLBubbles (!Bubbles are not SOAP!) it is a complete scripting package (client/server components) designed for ASP web application authors. This package allows sending and retrieving information between a browser and a web server without using HTML standard forms. Basically XMLBubbles is a light web service like implementation created for ASP applications.

The information is packed in a XML envelope that can hold any kind of data - scalars, arrays and binary information – in a transparent way. The user doesn't need to know anything about the internal format of this XML because the pack and unpack of the information is done automatically by the scripts of the component.

XMLRPC is built on top of XMLBubbles and allow direct call of server side functions from client-side using Remote Procedure Call pattern.

You can get the source code of XML Bubbles, as well as other VMASOFT products from GitHub.com

See XML Bubbles on GitHub >